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The essential accessories for wearers of reading glasses

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To ensure the long life of your reading glasses while maintaining the best look and effectiveness over time, it’s useful to equip yourself with specific, quality accessories.  

In this article we’ll delve into the features of some indispensable products for wearers of reading glasses.

1. Eyeglass cleaning cloth

An essential ally in keeping glass lenses clean and free from stains, fingerprints and dust. There are two factors to pay attention to when it comes to an eyeglass cleaning cloth:

  • the material: the best choice is microfibre, a fabric that guarantees excellent lens cleaning without leaving scratches, lint or streaking.

  • cleaning: it’s very important to wash the cloth you use to clean your glasses regularly in order to maintain its effectiveness, thus ensuring that your glasses are also as clean as possible.

2. Spray cleaner

Anyone who wears glasses knows how annoying it is to look through dirty or foggy lenses. That’s why it’s important to choose a quality alcohol-free eyeglass cleaning spray. In fact alcohol shouldn’t be used for the ordinary cleaning of glasses because it has an overly aggressive action that over time discolours the frame and weakens the lenses.

3. Lanyard for reading glasses

A lanyard for reading glasses is another must-have accessory. A simple but essential accessory to keep your glasses handy and safe at all times, avoiding losing them or having to place them on dirty or unstable surfaces. There are many different types of lanyards, and since they simply attach to the temples of the glasses they can be changed as often as you like, depending on your outfits or other needs.

4. Eyeglass case

An eyeglass case is essential for protecting your reading glasses against shocks, scratches and accidental damage. Make sure you choose a case that’s the right size for your glasses and of good quality, and always store your glasses in the case, preferably wrapping them in microfibre to avoid scratches on the lenses and frames.

5. Sunglass clip-ons

If you need to correct presbyopia (age-related long-sightedness) and want to see well up close even outdoors while protecting your eyes from UVA and UVB rays, sunglass clip-ons are the ideal solution. They allow you to have a 2-in-1 pair of glasses (both reading and sun-protection glasses) in no time at all. The clip attaches easily to the frame of your reading glasses with a magnet and turns them into a pair of reading glasses with sun filters. Here you can see our reading glasses with clip-on sunglasses.

By incorporating these accessories into your daily routine, you’ll enjoy clear, comfortable vision and better preserve not only your glasses but also the health of your eyesight

Utilissimi reading glasses, which you can buy both from our online shop and in the best pharmacies, include a case, cloth and lanyard in each pack.

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