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Anti-blue light glasses: why they’re good for your eyes

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People are talking more and more about anti-blue light treatments for glass lenses. But do you know what this is all about and what damage you can suffer if you don’t protect your eyesight against blue light?

In this article our opticians explain what blue light is and why it’s important to protect the eyes of young and old from these particular rays of light emitted by smartphones, tablets, computers and televisions.

What is blue light?

Blue light is a component of visible light with a shorter wavelength than the other components, a higher frequency and higher energy. Blue light occurs naturally in sunlight, but, as mentioned above, is also emitted by artificial light sources such as LED lighting and electronic devices including smartphones, tablets and computers

How can blue light damage your eyes?

Our eyes are sensitive to blue light because the photoreceptor cells in our retina (the rods and cones) are particularly sensitive to these shorter wavelengths.

Short-term effects after prolonged exposure to blue light can be:

  • eye fatigue

  • headaches

  • sleep problems.

While long-term effects are still being studied:

  • possible increase in cataracts

  • possible age-related macular degeneration

The role of blue light glasses 

Glasses with blue light filters are the best option currently available for limiting blue light exposure. Suitable for people who work using screens or devices such as PCs and smartphones on a prolonged basis.

But how do you choose the right blue light glasses?


  1. Certified lenses: the lenses of the blue light glasses have a special coating that shields against harmful blue light emitted by digital devices. Choose glasses with certified Blue Block filter lenses. 

  2. Transparency of the lenses: anti-blue light lenses can vary in transparency from yellow (which can also distort colours) to transparent. When choosing it’s therefore important to strike a balance between transparency and realistic vision.

Anti-blue light glasses for children


It’s good not to forget to also protect children against blue light from tablets and screens

Glasses with a blue light filter for young children play an important role in safeguarding the ocular apparatus of children by preventing visual disturbances caused by the abuse of digital devices. When choosing blue-light glasses for children, it’s good to take into account the same factors recommended for adults, with particular attention to the materials of the frames: it’s essential to check that they are certified, totally non-toxic and resistant.

Blue light glasses are an important tool to protect the eyes against continuous exposure to blue light emitted by digital devices. Choosing the right glasses for one’s situation and lifestyle makes all the difference to eye health, for both adults and children.

Explore Utilissimi’s line of blue light glasses for adults and children. Furthermore, for those suffering from presbyopia (age-related long-sightedness), there’s also a collection of reading glasses with anti-blue light lenses.

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